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Sales commissions for tourism

Fixed fee per transaction: This fee is a percentage of the transaction amount plus a fixed amount in euros, plus the fixed commission of € 10. For example, if someone buys something for € 100, Stripe will charge 1.4 % of the transaction amount plus € 0.25, plus the fixed commission of € 10. This means you would pay € 11.65 in fees for that transaction.
Currency conversion fee (if applicable): If the customer(s) pay with a currency other than euros, Stripe applies an additional fee for currency conversion. For example, if someone from the United States buys something on your site and pays in US dollars, Stripe will apply an additional fee of 2 % on the transaction amount converted to euros. In the previous example of a € 100 purchase with a commission of € 11.65, if currency conversion applies, an additional 2 % will be added to the total amount.